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We All Love a Happy Ending

Have you got your tissues at the ready because you're going to need them. But in a good way you understand. I'd like to tell you a tale. A tale of neglect, transformation, family and love.

Once upon a time there was a couple called Lucy and Mat. They were no spring chickens I must add and each had lost and found love on numerous occasions in the past (I really hope they won't read this blog lol!). Well Lucy and Mat fell in love and had a beautiful daughter of their own. Their love grew and grew and so they decided the time had come to finally take the plunge and get married. Yeah! Hurrah we all cry!

My wedding invitation landed on the door step and I pondered numerous things like "what the hell an I going to wear"....."Oh my god I better go on a diet!"....."If they think I'm wearing a hat they have got to be kidding", but my main thought was "what the hell am I going to buy them!" Yes it's a tricky one isn't it when a coupe have an established home. I mean just what do you get them? You want to get something special, practical and memorable but that seems near impossible. So after much pondering I decided to give Lucy a call. My idea was to paint something special for her. Just in case you didn't know I am a furniture artist and furniture re-finisher with shed loads of furniture stashed ready to be transformed. Perhaps there is an item they need.

Lucy was thrilled with the idea but there was nothing they needed in the furniture department. However there was something very precious to Lucy that she had been hiding away for years. She asked me to come round for coffee to see what it was and what could be done with it.

What she presented me was shall I say was certainly neglected but a very cool item indeed. It was a very large old steamer trunk that used to belong to her dad who sadly was no longer with us. There was no way on earth she could part with the trunk as it held so many sentimental memories of him and all his travel. Seeing she had no coffee table (but keeping my idea to myself) I knew instantly what was to be done. Off I headed back to The Paint Shed Cornwall to work my magic.

An old coffee table I had hanging around was sacrificed and made to fit the base. The fabric interior was restored as best I could. What could not be salvaged I painted in Fusion Mineral Paint colour Mustard to match perfectly with the old fabric.

I chose to paint the outside in Fusion Coal Black to match Lucy's lounge decor and the wooden runners were cleaned, sanded and treated with Fusion Hemp Oil to bring them back to their original beautiful selves as well as feeding and nourishing the old wood.

Before the grand event I lovingly filled the steamer trunk with lots of goodies for the happy couple and not forgetting their little one as well.

So the big day was upon us. I made our transformed gift look even prettier by adorning it with a lovely bow and streamers. Donning our glad rags we were off to the wedding!

The wedding ceremony was just beautiful in a sweet little church over looking the sea. It could not have been more perfect. Plus you got offered G & T's on arrival! As you can imagine this was a huge hit with the congregation.

Ceremony over I hared off to the reception venue to get the trunk in place before the happy couple arrived. I can probably work out this was not the easiest of presents to be sneaking around with, without being seen.

So the moment arrives. The bride and groom finally make it into the reception venue where the trunk (and myself poised with camera at the ready) were waiting in the hallway. Lucy's face says it all!

Just look at her! I almost cried myself. She was over come with emotion. In fact I could see it took her a few moments before she realized that the coffee table was actually her dad's old steamer trunk. They were both delighted.

As for the other surprise gifts inside....the great thing was they didn't get to see them until after the honeymoon when they got home.

So let's raise our classes to the happy coupe Lucy and Mat and wish them all the best for their future together.

And a hip hip hurrah for another job well done by The Paint Shed Cornwall.


Sandy xxx

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