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As Rod Stewart Once Sang- Tonight's The Night!

Tonight's the night, it's going to be alright. I'm all organised, read and excited all I need now is you. Yes you! Why? Well let me tell you. Tonight I am excited to be hosting my first ever Facebook live sale on The Paint Shed Cornwall Facebook page. I thought during these times when you can't come and shop with me I would come live into your home bringing you lots of fabulous bargains.

There will be some exciting goodies up for grabs. We've got paint and furniture refinishing products, some of you favorite Fusion Mineral Paint and Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, Vintage goods, new gifts, gorgeous card bundles, bespoke hand painted furniture and fabulous original pieces of art by myself and edgy Artist designer Jessica Rose Campbell-Plover. Check out her web site here

So how will this work? Well firstly you need to hop onto Facebook and make sure you are following and have liked The Paint Shed Cornwall's Facebook page to do that click here.

The sale starts at 7pm tonight Saturday 25th April. Get comfy, grab a glass of your favorite tipple and join the fun as well as getting some great deals. I have the very lovely Archie Buse behind the camera so he will be able to flag up comments you are making as the sale progresses. Feet up and relax. All will be explained such as postage, delivery and bidding at the start and as we go along. If we are very lucky Farmer Jo may even put in an appearance. He was threatening to put items into the sale but luckily he's changed his mind, I didn't think a rusty old tractor is what you guys are looking to buy.

I've just got a few more items to add to the sale so I better get my skates on on and get too it. Have a good day and see you later gang.


Sandy xxx

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