Feral Furniture is proud to be Cornwall's stockists of Autentico paint and products, an incredible professional quality furniture paint. Autentico comes in a huge variety of gorgeous colours, seriously you are going to be spoiled for choice. Are you ready to create something beautiful. What you waiting for dive on in and explore the fantastic world of paint.
Autentico have invested years research combining traditional, natural techniques with modern technology for a highly specialised range for any project indoors or out.
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Wow are you in for a treat. What with over 150, yes you heard me right a 150 glorious colours to chose from you are going to struggle to make your mind up! Autentico offer a range of stunning neutral to bold and beautiful combinations for you to paint it perfectly whatever the project.

Less is more with Autentico! The best way to avoid brush marks is to use only a small amount of paint on your applicator and apply with light pressure. If you can see paint lines/dimple marks, there is too much paint being used on your brush/roller. Remember, it’s easier to add more paint than it is to remove it.

Autentico is dry to the touch after 30 minutes and ready to re-coat within 1-2 hours. Cure time with all acrylic paints is 21 days, however, painted surfaces can be used gently after 48 hours of drying time. Longer dry and cure times are required for painting done in high humidity and cooler temperatures, or in cases where multiple coats of paint were applied. Be gentle the first couple of days after painting to ensure that perfect finish.

Don’t worry about sealing your piece – Autentico Versante Matt and Eggshell needs no additional top coat, as it is very durable. After the piece is cured, wash away spills using a soft cloth with water and a mild soap.



Are you a DIY Painter, or a Professional Re-finisher? Do you want to achieve a professional finish or let your creative talent flow? Well look no further, Autentico has everything that you need to create beautiful finishes in any style!


You can paint like a professional easily with Autentico paints. All of our paint products are so easy to use and give you an incredible durable long lasting finish, without the need of adding a top coat!


From the stunningly shimmering Metallico Paints to the awesome creative copper and rust patina powders Autentico has a stunning and easy to use range of DIY Furniture Painting products!

Once you have tried Autentico paints and products you will be hooked! Our customers return again and again because Autentico is supported by a knowledgeable retail network who can advice you on what you need to achieve the look you require, that when paired with our product line makes it easy to paint it perfect!


Autentico have invested years research combining traditional, natural techniques with modern technology for a highly specialised range for any project indoors or out. Providing an exquisite range of natural paints for every project. 

All Autentico's products are designed to work seamlessly together in a concept that they call their “one-stop shop for quality”. Combine this with their 150+ colour palette, Autentico's ability to give you as many options for a single project is truly unrivaled. 

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Knowing everyone is unique and styles can be very individual, we started to develop more and more products to be able to offer versatile paint concepts for both interior and exterior. That is why Feral Furniture highly recommends Autentico Versante Matt as their go to paint. Versante Matt is a true all rounder! Because Versante is washable, extra protection is not required due to it built in top coat. Ideal for woodwork, wall, areas with a lot of "traffic", such as kitchen and bathrooms. As it has UV protection it is also the perfect paint for exterior use, exterior walls, garden fences, furniture,sheds and many other applications where good washable protection is needed. 


Sandy from Feral Furniture has been refinishing furniture and Kitchens for over 25 years. "I use the Versante Matt on a daily basis, it's just so versatile plus the way it levels out is amazing! It's a dream to work with and the results are outstanding. I need to guarantee quality to my customers and be confident in the knowledge that not only will their furniture look fabulous it will stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life. I have every confidence in this paint and chose it to re finish kitchens and walls. I use it for exteriors too! Front doors, garden furniture, sheds, summer houses as well. Seriously you can't go wrong."

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