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Autentico Versante has been formulated with the ideals of versatility in mind. The built-in moisture membrane and UV filter makes it water resistant and prevent colours from fading. Versante Matt is suitable for all areas including kitchen cupboards, bathrooms and high traffic hallways, as well as withstanding the needs of exterior furniture and fencing.


versante the paint shed cornwall autenti

• Environmentally-friendly
• SD value of only 0,21
• Water-based
• Great for exterior and interior use
• 160+ deep and rich colours
• Sheen Value 5% (Matt) or 25 % (Eggshell)
• Suitable for most surfaces including walls,

woodwork and primed metals such as radiators and pipework
• Carries UV filter and moisture membrane
• Covers 8-13 m² per 1L

What does Sandy our expert have to say..."I use the Versante Matt on a daily basis, it's just so versatile plus the way it levels out is amazing! It's a dream to work with and the results are outstanding. I need to guarantee quality to my customers and be confident in the knowledge that not only will their furniture look fabulous it will stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life. I have every confidence in this paint and chose it to re finish kitchens and walls. I use it for exteriors too! Front doors, garden furniture, sheds, summer houses as well. Seriously you can't go wrong."